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Who Are We? Let Me Tell You.



My name is Rocky. I am 27 years old and I live close to Los Angeles, California. This year I finally received my Bachelor degree, leaving more time for fun things like blogging about nail polish – not just any nail polish or any nail products, Just about Jamberry nail wraps. Blogging is not the only thing I occupy myself with, I’m also working as a Senior Content Writer. This means that I am able to convert just about any concept or idea into a captivating content or article! From time to time I also like writing about travel, food, and health and post it to other blogs I built.


My love for Jamberry nail wraps and nail polish quickly began after I stopped biting my nails. That compulsive habit was hard to break, but I am so glad I did (although, it really took quite a long time)! As a young girl, I was already infatuated with my mother’s nail polish and how she applies it whenever there are special occasions or gatherings. Then, my mom joined the Jamberry business and became an independent consultant back in 2014 with the persuasion of her friends as well. Ever since then the never ending array of colors has been a shining beacon in my life. It became even more colorful with the addition of Jamberry nail wraps.


Well, I was not the only person who has this sentiment – I actually share it with my sister, Janis and our childhood best friends, Chloe and Karen. We talk about Jamberry most of the times and we are greatly fascinated by it. In short, we’re the backbone of The Chic Bean. One thing is for sure, we love being creative and we think that also reflects on our flashy nails.


The Chic Bean Blog

chic bean blog

We set up this blog in order to share our love of Jamberry nail wraps. On here you will find everything from our favorite nail wraps, to nail wrap application tutorials and inspirations. One of our main aims with this blog is to share our amazing experience with Jamberry and our tons of fun time with it. Although, my mom is no longer an active independent Jamberry consultant, there’s no stopping us from posting our thoughts about Jamberry nail wraps.

We really pour our hearts into this blog, and I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we do writing it. At the moment we try to update at least three times a week. I wish we could do more, but as we all know… quantity is no substitute for quality.

Enjoy! Hope to hear from you soon!


Best Regards,
Rocky, Chloe, & Karen